terms of service

as a user you are allowed to create an account and login using third party services. as such you will have to abide by the terms of services of these third party accounts.

breaking any of the above terms will result in removal of your pastemyst account.


for any public pastes, we cannot guarantee your content will not be copied by other users. as such we cannot be held liable in the event that happens. we strongly recommend you disclose the license of your content, and any pastes which have not disclosed a license, the content is under exclusive copyright which means nobody else can copy, distribute or modify the content.


unless you are using an account, no data is gathered about you, except temporary ip addresses used for protecting the site from spammers or any other kind of attacks.

if you are using an account, all data gathered about you can be seen on your profile settings page.

you can delete your account, which completely deletes all data tied to your account on your profile settings page.

the only personal data we store is the account id of the third party service for authentication, and your avatar.